Engineers patent significant-speed flash memory process for use on satellites

Engineers patent significant-speed flash memory process for use on satellites

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Engineers from Southwest Study Institute (SwRI) have patented a flash memory storage process that enables satellites to gather and retail outlet large quantities of info for later on transmission to ground stations.

The patent, titled “Devices and Techniques for Enhanced Entry to Flash Memory Devices,” was awarded not too long ago to inventors Michael A. Koets, Larry T. McDaniel III and Miles R. Darnell, all of SwRI.

“Our use of the revolves all over significant-speed, significant-potential storage of info on satellites,” claimed Koets, a workers engineer in SwRI’s Space Science and Engineering Division. “A representative software is the storage of pictures collected by satellites for temperature checking and prediction.”

Climate satellites speedily gather many significant resolution pictures, making really huge quantities of info. On the other hand, the satellites are only capable to transmit the info to receivers on the ground when they are above selected locations on the globe.

“All of that info wants to be saved to memory on the as it is collected. Our significant-speed, significant-potential flash storage process presents a usually means to do that,” Koets claimed. “It can record info to up to a hundred times quicker than prior strategies.”

Other apps of the patented technology include things like storing radar info collected by Earth-checking satellites finding out glaciers or earthquake zones, or storing collected by deep house missions, such as individuals despatched to investigate asteroids.

Flash memory is effective and tiny, permitting scaled-down, fewer costly satellites to acquire a great deal additional scientific info than typical info recording equipment. Flash memory has turn into a mainstay of consumer electronics such as mobile telephones and thumb drives, but the rigors of the house setting have slowed its adoption for satellites and interplanetary spacecraft. The SwRI technology enables slower but additional strong flash recollections that can operate in house even though attaining the overall performance shut to that of contemporary consumer electronics.

“We have utilized this technology to deliver higher overall performance and enable the collection of a great deal additional scientific info than would have been probable with older strategies,” Koets claimed.

SwRI’s demonstrated house flight heritage includes additional than 30 a long time of building avionics, electricity programs, good condition recorders and processing technology for spacecraft.

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