Flat Broke with Two Goats: A Memoir

Flat Broke with Two Goats: A Memoir

When life will get your goat, provide in the herd

Jennifer McGaha never ever predicted to own a goat named Merle. Or to be environment Merle up on dates and naming his doeling Merlene. She failed to be expecting to be purchasing natural yogurt for her chickens. She never ever considered she would be pulling camouflage carpet off her ceiling or rescuing opossums from her barn and calling it “date night time.” Most importantly, Jennifer never ever considered she would only have $four.57 in her bank account.

When Jennifer identified that she and her spouse owed back again taxes―a great deal of back again taxes―her globe altered. Now desperate to preserve revenue, they foreclosed on their beloved suburban residence and moved their spouse and children to a a person-hundred-yr-aged cabin in a North Carolina holler. Soon ample, Jennifer’s life started to more intently resemble her Appalachian ancestors than her upper-middle-class upbringing. But what started out as a last-ditch exertion to settle money owed grew to become a journey that unveiled both the joys and problems of dwelling close to the land.

Told with daring wit, unflinching honesty, and a organization foot in the traditions of Appalachia, Flat Broke with Two Goats blends stories of homesteading with the journey of two people rediscovering the true indicating of residence.

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