Kanzd Yeston Geforce GTX 1050Ti GPU 4GB GDDR5 128 Bit Gaming PC Video Graphics Cards (B)

Kanzd Yeston Geforce GTX 1050Ti GPU 4GB GDDR5 128 Bit Gaming PC Video Graphics Cards (B)

Installation Guide:
Step1. Turn off the power. The installation is prohibited without power off!
Step2. Open the computer host and the graphics card will be fully inserted into the PCI-E slot, and buckle a good buckle, such as graphics card needs to be inserted into the power supply port, pay attention to whether the other accessories due to the installation of graphics cards lead to loose.
Step3. The video cable plug into the graphics port, turn on the power.
Step4. Driver installation, you can choose AMD or NVIDIA official website to download the corresponding model of the driver, or on the Yeston official website to download the corresponding driver and installation.
support system : Windows 7(64bit) ,Windows 10(64bit).
64-bit system to memory 4G, if the memory 2G can only be installed 32-bit
Installation troubleshooting
Insert the video card can not boot:
1, Please clean the motherboard PCI-E slot, may be useless for a long time lead to dust, resulting in graphics card goldfinger did not completely contact with the motherboard.
2, Please ensure that the graphics card is fully inserted into the PCIE card slot, and buckle a good buckle.
3, Please check whether the other accessories loose during installation of the graphics card.
4, Please check whether the video cable is completely plug into the graphics interface.
5, If the graphics card needs to power, please check the power supply is enough graphics card operation, if the power is not enough to replace the larger wattage power.
Package included:
1 * Graphics card
1 * User manual(With Retail Box. )Brand Name: yeston; nterface Type: PCI Express 3.0 X16; Chipset Manufacturer: AMD; Package: YES
PixelPipelines: 2048; Products Status: Stock; Stream Processors: 2048; Chip Process: 14 nanometers
Cooler Type: Fan; Application: Desktop; Memory Clock(Mhz): 7000MHz; Core Clock(Mhz): 1244MHz; Memory Interface: 256 Bit; GPU Model: Radeon RX570
DirectX: DirectX 12; Output Interface Type: HDMI,DVI; Model Number: RX570-4G D5 GA ; Video Memory Capacity: 4 GB
Item Condition: New; Video Memory Type: GDDR5; Display output interface: DVI+HDMI+DP

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