Initial Research – How to Trade Western Digital Company Momentum After an Earnings Hole Drop

Initial Research – How to Trade Western Digital Company Momentum After an Earnings Hole Drop

How to Trade Western Digital Company Momentum After an Earnings Hole Drop

Western Digital Company (NSDQ:WDC) : How to Trade Western Digital Company Momentum After an Earnings Hole Drop

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The effects here are provided for general informational reasons, as a benefit to the audience. The resources are not a substitute for acquiring skilled advice from a qualified human being, organization or company.


There is a bearish momentum sample in Western Digital Company (NSDQ:WDC) inventory 1 investing working day immediately after earnings, if and only if the inventory showed a huge hole down immediately after the genuine earnings announcement.

This is a conditional entry — the company reports earnings and if the inventory move off of that report is a 3% decline or more substantial, then a bearish placement is back-tested seeking for continuing downward momentum. The celebration is exceptional, but when it has happened, the back-check effects are noteworthy.

Western Digital Company (NSDQ:WDC) Earnings

In Western Digital Company, if the inventory move promptly next an earnings end result was a huge fall (3% or far more to the downside), when we check waiting one-working day immediately after that earnings announcement and then acquired a a few-7 days at the revenue (50 delta) place, the effects were being very solid.

This back-check opens one-working day immediately after earnings were being introduced to attempt to find a inventory that continues a downward spiral immediately after an earnings hole down.

Merely proudly owning possibilities immediately after earnings, blindly, is most likely not a good trade, but hand-buying the occasions and the shares to do it in can be beneficial. We can check this approach without bias with a personalized selection back-check. Below is the timing set-up about earnings:


* Situation: Wait for the one-working day inventory move off of earnings, and if it shows a 3% decline or far more in the underlying, then, adhere to these guidelines:

* Open the long at-the-revenue place one-investing working day immediately after earnings.

* Near the long place fourteen calendar times immediately after earnings.

* Use the possibilities closest to 21 times from expiration (but far more than fourteen times).

This is a straight down the middle direction trade — this trade wins if the inventory is continues on a downward trajectory immediately after a huge earnings move the two-months next earnings and it will stand to reduce if the inventory rises, as a substitute. This is not a silver bullet — it truly is a trade that wants to be carefully examined.

But, this is a conditional back-check, which is to say, it only triggers if an celebration in advance of it happens.

Danger Handle

Given that blindly proudly owning place can be a speedy way to reduce in the selection market, we will use a limited chance control to this analysis as nicely. We will add a 40% cease decline and a 40% limit acquire.

In English, at the near of each and every investing working day, if the place is up 40% from the selling price at the start of the trade, it gets sold for a gain. If it is down 40%, it gets sold for a decline. This also has the gain of taking profits if there is a inventory drop early in the two-7 days time period rather than waiting to near fourteen-times later on.

Yet another chance reducing move we produced was to use 21-working day possibilities and only keep them for fourteen-times so the trade won’t endure from full top quality decay.


Below are the effects of a long at-the-revenue place in Western Digital Company (NSDQ:WDC) about the last a few-a long time but only initiated immediately after earnings if the inventory dropped by 3% or far more:

The mechanics of the TradeMachine® are that it uses close of working day prices for each and every back-check entry and exit (each and every cause).

Track this trade plan. Get alerted for ticker `WDC`  1 times immediately after earnings

Hunting at Averages

The overall return was 436.four% but the trade stats explain to us far more with common trade effects:

      The common return for each trade was sixty two.29% about each individual thirteen-working day time period.

      The common return for each winning trade was sixty two.29% about each individual thirteen-working day time period.

Hunting at the Final Calendar year

While we just appeared at a multi-yr back-check, we can also hone in on the most modern yr with the exact same check:

Now we see a 186.four% return about the last yr and a 100% win-amount.

      The common return for the last yr for each trade was sixty two.eight% about each individual thirteen-working day time period.

WHAT Took place

Bearish momentum and sentiment immediately after earnings can be very strong with the tailwind of an earnings pass up.

Make sure you be aware that the executions and other stats in this write-up are hypothetical, and do not replicate the influence, if any, of specific market things these kinds of as liquidity and slippage.


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