ESPN NFL 2K5 – PlayStation 2 (Limited)

ESPN NFL 2K5 – PlayStation 2 (Limited)

ESPN NFL 2K5 is a football simulation that’s more realistic and exciting than anything that’s come before it — right down to the wrap-ups by Chris Berman. Weekly game preparation challenges you to keep your players ready for battle at all times Fantastic ESPN-style presentation, with new cutscenes, coach & fan reactions, loads of commentary and dialogue and more Celebrity voices with realistic dialogue Players can customize sound effects and choose the music in the stadium Control player celebrations in the end zoneThe games uses advanced new mapping and rendering techniques for better graphics than any previous football game
Online living rosters lets you trade players and sign free agents cut by other players
Exciting new VIP mode lets players save the profiles of human rivals, then practice against the computer while it plays like their friends — players can even go online & trade profiles to learn more and improve their skills
Use the new Maximum Tackle moves and Quarterback Evade, for dynamic new gameplay on offense and defense
Recreate the magic that makes football history, as you play 25 great moments in the NFL

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