Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 with NT Option Pack Server Pack (5-Client) [Old Version]

Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 with NT Option Pack Server Pack (5-Client) [Old Version]

Windows NT Server 4.0 was designed to help developers build and deploy business applications faster than ever before. The Option Pack integrates new Web, transaction, scripting, component, and message-queuing services directly into Windows NT Server 4.0. New management tools in Windows NT Server 4.0 and the Option Pack help you set up Web sites, manage content, and analyze usage patterns to improve your site as it evolves. Multiple Web sites on a single machine, innovative Web-publishing features, customizable tools, and new wizard technologies make Windows NT Server 4.0 the best platform to publish and share information securely over corporate intranets and the Internet. The Option Pack includes Internet Information Server 4.0, which makes Windows NT Server 4.0 the easiest way to publish information and bring business applications to the Web. Microsoft Transaction Server 2.0 provides the easiest way to run scalable, robust applications on the Windows NT Server operating system. Microsoft Message Queue Server 1.0 is a key part of the Microsoft Active Server platform and provides an easy way for applications to communicate with other applications over a network by sending and receiving messages. Internet Connection Services for Microsoft Remote Access Service enhance the current Windows NT 4.0 Server remote-access service, enabling corporations to further reduce remote-access costs through customizable client software, centrally managed phone book services, integrated authentication services, and simple administrative tools.

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