PlayStation Move and DualShock Racing Wheel

PlayStation Move and DualShock Racing Wheel

For PS3 racing fanatics, there’s simply no other way to head towards that finish line than CTA Digital’s Racing Wheel For PlayStation Move & Dual Shock. The steering wheel accommodates either a standard DualShock 3 controller or a new Move Motion controller, to suit whatever the racing title might ask for, and is held safe and secure in the middle of the wheel. Hit the road on your PlayStation 3 like never before! Package Includes: (1) Steering wheel cradleAccommodates either PlayStation Move motion or DUALSHOCK3 controller
Adjustable base gives stability with suction cups adhered to a solid surface
Compatible with racing-based PS3 titles
Perfect for racing based PlayStation 3 titles
Accommodates either the Move Motion or DualShock 3 controller
Holds controller safe and secure

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