iHold APlus Professional Music On Hold Player with EZ Voice Over for all PBX / KSU key system telephones or phones with “MOH” input | mp3 | USB flash drive | SD card

iHold APlus Professional Music On Hold Player with EZ Voice Over for all PBX / KSU key system telephones or phones with “MOH” input | mp3 | USB flash drive | SD card

The New iHold APlus music on hold player plays music and messages for all on-hold callers with continuous playback
plus has a EZ voice over mode that automatically and periodically plays a voice over clip from SD card in between the music stream playing out of USB stick

EZ voice over mode enables easy and low cost “custom messages” and creates a custom on hold experience without the need to make a full new production each time a change is needed

Low cost EZ voice over service link provided or just create your messages in short 15 seconds audio clips and paste them into SD card and your “custom production” is ready! it will play them in between every 30 seconds of music stream which plays out of USB flash drive – 1 FREE custom voice over service is provided

Simple to install just connect to PBX MOH jack, all cords provided

Simple to update just copy & paste any MP3 file from your PC to the USB flash drive – the Included 128MB USB Flash drive is preloaded with over 50 files and the included SD card contains over 20 voice over messages for hours of great sounding fully licensed music and messages and office music

Customize-able easy software: allows quick and customized on-hold audio via your PC

High capacity High quality audio playback & multi-track capability allows 1000+ hours of playback time (via optional 8GB USB Flash drive)

Sleek and compact ABS plastic enclosure with wall mount capability built to perform in the toughest environments

Built-in speaker- monitor the on-hold audio
Pre-loaded USB flash drive and SD card
1 click Holiday On-Hold
EZ Voice over feature
No moving parts – 100% digital
Wall Mountable
LED status lights
Auto-start after a power outage
Audio cords and AC adapter (universal 110V-240V) included
Free audio editing software included
1 Free custom EZ voice over file included

Music and messages On Hold plus EZ Voice OverTM feature for all multi-line PBX /KSU phones, more compact – not bulky, not heavy – easy to install with both RCA and 1/8″ jack (3.5mm) head phone style connector | Music On Hold player with 1 FREE custom Voice over message with EZ Voice over support + 1 click Holiday mode switch
Works great when customers use a cell phone! (unlike other products on the market), superior sound quality on any phone system with “MOH” connector input
Preloaded USB Flash drive with over 50 files included | Preloaded SD card with over 20 Voice over files included | Plug and play – hours of royalty free music and thank you for holding messages plus FREE custom Voice over | built-in speaker – Monitor the audio on the device directly – Place on a shelf or easily mount to any surface via built-in wall mount included
Auto start -auto play after power loss, automatically starts playing after power is restored | both USB drive and SD card included | 1 click Holiday switch so convenient!
1 year parts & labor warranty, includes 1 FREE custom voice over file plus Free Audio Music editor & Recorder software for PC (Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP) and Mac, 128MGB USB thumb drive and SD card preloaded with hours of royalty-free music, rca cables, 1/8″ connector, wall mount screws, power adapter 110 / 220 VAC – 5VDC @1500mA and manual

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