Speed Learning for Anatomy: Systems and Functions of the Human Body Quick and Easy

Speed Learning for Anatomy: Systems and Functions of the Human Body Quick and Easy

Find and memorize dozens of anatomy terms in a flash with this quick-reference guide, whose grouping method helps you master with ease—and speed—the systems of the human body.

This anatomy study guide and reference manual is perfect for a multitude of learners—from students in middle school through college to nurses, coaches, and even runners. Speed Learning for Anatomy is the ideal course companion:
• its definitions of key terms with a focus on concise wording and clear organization serve a multitude of user functions.

Grouping common terms together unambiguously ensures that users find terms quickly—and then retain them with accuracy and comprehension. This system also offers easy access to similar terms to clarify differences and aid in comparison. For students, this provides a quick study guide that is the most efficient and effective way to prepare for tests.

The clear, specific definitions and key terminology eliminate unnecessary words and confusing, lengthy descriptions. This guide’s unique grouping method is perfect for those new to the material as well as professionals in the field who need a reference—but who don’t have time to waste.

Speed Learning for Anatomy
defines the most important human anatomy systems, including the following:
• Muscular system
• Skeletal system
• Cardiovascular/cardiopulmonary system
• Respiratory system
• Nervous system
• Digestive system
• Integumentary system

This quick study guide also includes—Descriptive Images—Charts—and a Glossary—to help you learn easier, faster, and memorize more of what you’ve learned.

A compact, take-along guide to the human body is now at your fingertips.

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