TSN: Interesting Times

TSN: Interesting Times

As I started to write about the Terran Space navy, Stories, ideas and other such things would pop up and I would set aside the project I was working on and put them down on ‘paper’. Some of these stories are parts of some of the Novels that were removed for one reason or another.

Some are requests from readers on clarifying a point or a person, Renewal of Purpose falls in that Category.

The Butcher of Mannsfield was a difficult one to write in some ways. I woke up about three in the morning and the story was there and just demanded to be told. So I did and I wrote it as I remember it from the dream and I cried at the end because I could see that scene so very clearly.

At least two of the Stories have promise for writing a full length Novel around and I might do that later on. Right Now I am writing about Dave, Helen and their Cyberform companions and their efforts to finally explore ‘The World’ in such a way that they can be together to do so.

July 6, 2014 – I have updated this book with a new cover and two additional stories. I hope that you will find them interesting to read.

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