Everquest I: The Anniversary Edition – PC

Everquest I: The Anniversary Edition – PC

The EverQuest Anniversary Edition compiles every add-on for the Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG). It brings together every expansion pack for the legendary EverQuest games, plus a brand new one – The Buried Sea. This collection also treats gamers to new in-game content, including dozens of Luclin Fabled NPCs, a new scavenger hunt for players of all levels, and the return of the Fabled fiends of years past. Choose from 16 unique races and 16 distinct classes, including the new dragon-bred Drakkins. With more than 375 zones to explore and more than 50,000 items to earn and collect both magical and mundane, including artifacts of great power, characters can shape the universe in EverQuest.

EverQuest: The Buried Sea features: Energeian Items – Gain a new inventory slot for an Energeian power source and armor that can tap into the energy withinCross the plank and fight for your life on the open seas as you raid pirate vessels, in ship-to-ship combat
Two paths of advancement – Battle pirates on the open seas or dive deep beneath the sea to Katta Castrum, lost stronghold of the Combine Empire
Take your group through more than 60 challenging new missions, from defending merchant vessels against pirates to uncovering the secrets behind the Combine City — and the danger that threatens it
Design a guild emblem and display it, then upgrade it to grant your guild special abilities on the battlefield
Start your own fellowship – Join a common chat channel, create a campfire and earn a token that will let you quickly travel to other fellowship members

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