Nvidia might boost GeForce RTX cards with faster RAM

Nvidia might boost GeForce RTX cards with faster RAM

Nvidia's GeForce RTX cards could be getting a RAM boost

Nvidia’s GeForce RTX cards could be getting a RAM boost

NVIDIA LIKES TO FLAUNT its graphical prowess but with AMD’s Navi-based Radeon graphics card on the horizon and potentially sporting some impressive power, Team Green could be facing renewed competition.

As such, there’s a rumour doing the rounds from RedGamingTech that claims Nvidia could be providing its latest GeForce RTX cards with faster video RAM.

The alleged memory boost will supposedly give the GPUs a kick in the backside so that they deliver a throughput of 16Gbps, rather than the current speed of 14Gbps.

As it stands the GeForce RTX line up is pretty powerful, with support for demanding rendering like ray-tracing. But the upcoming Navi-based Radeon GPUs, which could be shown off at E3 2019, might also have support for ray-tracing and could be fairly impressive pixel pushers.

So giving its RTX cards a memory boost would be one way for Nvidia to ensure it keeps Team Red’s graphics hardware efforts at bay.

However, this is but a tentative rumour and we’d suggest it’s consumed with a healthy pinch of salt as we can’t really confirm how legit it might be.

There’s a good chance that Nvidia will simply not worry about the Navi Radeon GPUs, as it has been pretty dogmatic about how it provides the best graphics cards around with advanced features.

It would also be a bit if a kick in the teeth for anyone who’s just spunked hundreds of pounds on an RTX card only to find out they could have got a better one but a short time after.

Once again, we’ll have to dig out and play the wait and see card. But with AMD graphics set to power the PlayStation 5 and plenty of signs pointing toward the Navi GPUs being pretty impressive, 2019’s graphics card world could be pretty interesting, especially as Intel is set to enter the dedicated graphics card arena. µ

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