Me My Elos Touch 200,000 Pulses IPL Rf Hair Removal Used in Goog Condition

Me My Elos Touch 200,000 Pulses IPL Rf Hair Removal Used in Goog Condition

ELOS me Touch is the fastest way to permanent hair reduction. Suitable for ALL skin tones (type I-IV on the face) and supplied with a long-life 200,000 pulse elōsTM cartridge, mēTM TANDA me Touch safely provides permanent professional results in your own home at a fraction of the cost of salon treatments. mē is gentle on the body as well as the face is intuitive and easy to use and offers the fastest treatment times of any home use system (a full leg in less than 10 minutes!). TANDA me Touch comes pre-loaded with more flashes/pulses than any other system and is the only device safe to use on all skin types with no preparations needed, What is elōs technology? Elos technology is a unique combination of IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and RF (Radio Frequency) that uses gentle pulses of two targeted energies to penetrate deeper below the skin dermis than laser and IPL, more effectively targeting the hair follicle. mē uses a low overall energy output, subsequently providing treatment times significantly faster than home IPL along with higher levels of safety and comfort even on darker skin tones (suitable for skin tones 1-6).The only home use hair reduction system powered by elōs technology
The fastest treatment times – approximately 30 minutes for a full body treatment and only 10 minutes per full leg
Suitable for use on the widest range of skin types
Most effective – up to 89% hair reduction after only 4 treatments
No need to apply gel on the skin prior to treatment

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