Science Awareness E-Book: Uses of Science in Our Daily Life

Science Awareness E-Book: Uses of Science in Our Daily Life

This Generation of 21st Century is Boon for Human Life. In Each and Every Steps of Life, their needs are fulfilled by Science and Technology. In our Daily Life, Science has played Every Role. Every Second of Life Science is with us.


Master of Science and Bachelor of Education from Osmania University – Hyderabad – India

Presently working as a high school teacher in Mathematics and General Science

1. Teaching experience is 23 years from 1992 in Mathematics and General Science for 10th class, 11th class and 12th class
2. Writer of Amazon Kindles in Mathematics, General Science and Computer Science

1. Why do we shed tears while cutting an onion?
2. How the speed of air is measured by Environmental Scientists?
3. Why Rain Drops have Spherical Shape?
4. Why Wheat Appears Gold in Color?
5. How does a Cordless Phone Work?
6. Honey, to keep it fresh, need not be kept in refrigerator why?
7. Why the eyes of some people are blue in color?
8. Why we don’t feel the motion of the Earth?
9. Why tyres of vehicles are black in color?
10. How Plants and Trees Advent Atmosphere Pollution?
11. How is Glass Made?
12. Light and Sound
13. Why do gas flames sparkle yellow when water falls on it?
14. Why do cut Apples turn brown?
15. Why a bird sitting on a live wire is not electrocuted?
16. Why certain planes flying high in sky leave a trail of smoke behind them?
17. Why does wearing a ring make fingers green?
18. Why do we feel sleepy after a heavy lunch?
19. Why Sea is blue?
20. Why it is cool on the top of hills?
21. Why doctors use stethoscope?
22. Science of Micro Oven
23. Science in Refrigerator
24. Science of Colors
25. Science of Sound and Light
26. Why we get Hiccups now and then?
27. Why do stars twinkle?
28. How does a Pencil Eraser function?
29. How does an Electric Line Tester work?
30. Why the food stuffs cannot be fried with water instead of oil?
31. Some People Snore while Sleeping. Why?
32. Why does milk expand and spills over when boiled?
33. How does a chameleon (Oosaravelli in Telugu) change its color?
34. Why ‘Dogs’ are found panting with their tongues out?
35. Why do Night-Queen (Raat-ki-Rani) flowers bloom only at night?
36. The leaves of ‘Touch Me Not’ curl op when we touch them. Why?
37. Why some fruits are sweet and others are sour?
38. Why tender leaves of a plant are ‘pink’ in color and later turn ‘green’?
39. Why do Sparrows hop or Why ‘Koel’ sings only in the spring?
40. Is LAZINESS a universal style?
41. Why Flames always look upward?
42. Why spin bowling confuses a Batsman?
43. Science behind sports like Pole Vault and Long Jump
44. How do Birds Fly?
45. Science of Sound
46. Science of Motion
47. Why do we bend forward while climbing hills?
48. How can a room be made sound proof?
49. The World’s Hottest and Coldest Places
50. How does a Wound Heal?


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