50 Ways to Use YouTube in the Classroom

50 Ways to Use YouTube in the Classroom

YouTube… It isn’t just for entertainment anymore. 

One of today’s most powerful educational tools is free, constantly expanding, in step with current trends, and at your fingertips wherever you are in the world. It doesn’t require extensive training, and it can personalize and improve learning in a variety of impactful, creative, innovative, and relevant ways. 

YouTube is more than videos. YouTube is more than entertainment. YouTube is a dynamic tool for learning that meets students where they are. This book offers succinct, applicable, practical, and flexible strategies and lessons for… 

* Finding educational content that aligns to teaching goals 
* Differentiating and extending learning 
* Improving communication with students and families 
* Increasing creativity in the classroom 
* Providing authentic opportunities for demonstrating knowledge 
* Offering meaningful reflection on learning 
* Engaging students in creating their own educational pathways 

Our students are already accessing YouTube. It just makes sense to meet them where they are as consumers of information and to utilize the tools they choose to maximize understanding in ways that matter. This accessible guide will improve your teaching, your students’ learning, and your classroom culture.

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